About Me

My name is Babu Antony aka Bob Antony. I weigh 185 lbs and stand 6 feet 3 inches tall. I have a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a master degree in Human Resources Management from the University of Pune, India. I was the captain of the university volleyball team, and athletic teams. I taught martial arts to Papal pontifical college Pune many years. My interests include painting, poetry, nature, and meeting new people.

Mr. Bharatan, a well-known director, introduced me to movies. I have done over 175 movies in five major Indian languages (Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada). I have played a wide range of roles as hero as well as supporting actor. Some of my movies were featured in national and international film festivals and won recognitions.

In 2003, a special jury selected 31 movies, to have a festival and celebrate the 75th anniversary of Malayalam film industry. Two of my movies, Vaishali and Sayahnam, were featured.

The movie “Vaishali” is an untold story from an Indian epic called “Mahabharata”. Late Mr. Bharatan directed the movie and Mr. M T Vasudevan Nair, a renowned writer, wrote the script. I played a king, whose country had no rain for the past 11 years due to a Brahmin’s curse. The people were suffering from famine and starvation. According to the king’s guru/advisor, the only solution to this precarious predicament was to seduce a young and powerful saint, Rishyasringa, and bring him to perform a special prayer called ‘yaga’. The king entrusted this dangerous task of seducing the saint, with a beautiful girl called Vaishali, not knowing the fact that she was his illicit daughter. The movie ends with rain, the tragic death of Vaishali’s mother, and the king’s inability to accept Vaishali as his daughter as promised for bringing the saint.

In “Sayanam”, I played a pauper who disobeyed all the Ten Commandments. Hence, the church buried him among other outlaws. A year later, his grave was unearthed to bury another. The church authorities were shocked to see his body intact. According to the church, only saints’ bodies remain undamaged. As a result, the church authorities began to analyze his life.

“Aparahnam” is another remarkable film in my career. The Sanskrit word aparahnam means the time between afternoon and evening. It is considered as the most confused part of the day. Similarly, the movie talks about the most confused stage of the character’s life. The character I played is an ex terrorist, who finds it difficult to cope with the society. Both the movies Aparahnam and Sayahnam, were directed by a very popular director called M P Sukumaran Nair. He was the co-director of the world famous director Mr. Adoor Gopalakrishnan.

My biggest action hits are Chanda, Kadal, Dada, Bharanakoodam, Gandhari, The Street, Nadodi, Special Squad, Hathya, Attahasm, Vajram, Black etc.

“Poovinu Puthiya Poonthennal” was made in all five languages including Hindi too. I played the same character in all these languages i.e. playing the same character 5 times, which is probably a world record in movies.

I am glad that Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya by Gautham Menon was a major hit in both Tamil and Telugu. Other recent films include Christian Brothers by Joshi and Kanyakumari Express by T S Suresh Babu.

My latest hits are Kanchana directed by Lawrence in Tamil and Telugu, Ek Deewana Tha by Gautham Menon in Hindi, and Grand Master in Malayalam by B. Unnikrishnan, Idukkuy gold by Aashiq Abu. Also, doing the remake of Kanchana in Kannada called Kalpana. Currently I am working with two Tamil films Kaakka Muttai , A Vetrimaaran film and Kaavyathalaivan with vasantha Baalan. I am also preparing to direct a Malayalam movie called “Piano”, a musical romantic action film.

Hope I can keep entertaining you guys. Thanks to all my fans and well wishers.